Family tree 4

Family tree

Family tree 2

Family tree 3

Ford Night - The Brother


Hurt - Johnny Cash

Wicked game - Chris Isaak

Recording in Ableton with MOTU M2 loopback

Red hot chili peppers - Californication

Scheduled shutdown macos

I don’t mind

Spotify hot blues jam tracks


Home automation setup

Pelican title_capitalize plugin

No sound guitar rig

Auto title plugin

Archimate test plantuml

Guitar rig

Wbs test diagram

C4 test


Open apps from unidentied developers on catalina

Google cloud icons

Activation 365 on macos




Python environment manager pyenv

Restore hidden library files from time machine backup


Office example 1

Plantuml archimate example 2

Plantuml google example

Plantuml mysql example

Plantuml office example 3

Plantuml test include 2

Plantuml test 1

Plantuml testgantt

Plantuml test includes

Skype problem solved

Plantuml sprites demo

Plantuml support for archimate

Convert font awesome to png

Install gollum on osx el capitan

Custom alfred search for jira

Using scribe to write online meeting summaries

Convert markdown to word docx with pandoc

Creating rest services

Plantuml testdiagram

Itunes sharing troubleshooting

Linux command line sort on dates

Upgrade to bugzilla 5.0

Convert svg to png with inkscape (osx)


Update powerline for osx

Jenkins jobs lost


Omnis and java

Disabling nap app

Upgrade to yosemite

Mysql installation notes

Bugzilla git migration

Activate spellcheck in sublime text 3

Confluence inspired callouts

Customizing sublime for python development

Database change requests

Slow time machine backup on mavericks

Reset fritz! powerline 520e

Non-standard service request workflow

Switch to textexpander

Installing php and laravel environment

Generating powerpoint with python

Plex app on samsung tv

Creating excel files with python and xlsxwriter

Notes on mavericks upgrade

How to fix slow startup osx mountain lion

Scaled agile framework

Test automation with sikuli, cucumber and jenkins

Lego serious play method

Scrum at microsoft

Diagrams with plantuml

Agile project management

Helpdesk and wallboard

Fritz!box 7390 configuration

Synology diskstation acces from internet

Alfred workflow for octopress

Installation notes testopia

Project nestor

Static blog with jekyll/octopress

Concert Chris Isaak