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    Fritz!Box 7390 configuration

    I recently bought a Fritz!Box 7390. Main reason was that I wanted to integrate telephony (POTS) in my daily workflow on my Mac.

    In this article I will describe the configuration and add-ons I installed.


    The Fritz!Box

    Fritz!Box 3790

    The Fritz!Box 7390


    Internet access

    I have a UPC cable modem

    CISCO EPC3212

    Cisco EPC3212 User manual

    Typical setup

    Using the Internet connection of another router with FRITZ!Box

    Using the Internet connection of another router with FRITZ!Box

    Analog telephony (Cisco EPC3212)

    Connections for TEL 1 / TEL 2

    TEL 1/TEL 2 connections

    Fritz!Box connections

    Fritz!Box 3790

    Connection to a cable modem

    Connection to a cable modem

    I wanted to use the Fritz!Box as part of my existing network. I decided not to use the WLAN option of the Fritz!Box, but instead I bought a Fritz! Powerline 520 E set, because I did not have a cabled network connection on the location where the Internet modem was located. In this setup I could connect the Internet modem to the LAN 1/WAN connection of my Fritz!Box.

    DECT telephone device

    The Fritz!Box 7390 offers a basestation, upto 6 DECT telephones can be connected.

    Note: For now I do not have any DECT phones connected.

    Update: Some developments here. I bought a DECT Gigaset A420A TRIO. When they are setup I will update my findings.

    VOIP telephony

    For OSX there are several softphone apps available:


    Counterpath X-Lite


    Alfred workflow

    I created a simple Alfred 2 workflow that calls the Frizzix dial helper.

    Use keyword “Dial” to trigger a little Applescript that contains:

    on alfred_script(q)
        set TelNumber to q as string
        set Tel to ""
        repeat with each in TelNumber
            if "+1234567890" contains each then set Tel to Tel & each
        end repeat
        tell application "Frizzix"
            dialInstantly Tel
        end tell
    end alfred_script

    Call diversion from script

    Call diversion script

    Frizzix Call monitor (MAC)


    I also installed:

    • the Address Book Plugin

    • Services plugin

    Fritz!Box browser add-on

    Add-on for Firefox

    Note: it seems that in my setup phone numbers are recognized in webpages, but dialing out does not work.

    dialing scripts

    Dialing from Address book

    POP3 mail checker and alert on Fritz!Box




    Synology Diskstation front-end

    Fritz!Box front-end package


    [1] POTS

    [2] AVM

    [3] AVM Knowledge base

    [4] Think broadband review

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