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    helpdesk and wallboard

    One of my projects involves the requirement to install a wallboard to show the ACD queue of our helpdesk and as a bonus we would like to show the scrumboard our development teams use. I’m looking into a Samsung LED monitor / Samsung Smart TV as part of the solution.


    What is a wallboard?

    A wallboard is a type of information radiator that displays vital data about the progress of the development team. Similar to a scoreboard at a sporting event, wallboards are large, highly visible and easy to understand for anyone walking by.

    Traditional wallboards are made of paper or use sticky notes on a wall. Electronic wallboards are very effective since they update automatically with real-time data ensuring that people check back regularly.

    Software used by others

    Jenkins wall display plugin

    Jira and Greenhopper on Samsung Smart TV

    Jira Wallboard plugin


    Radiator rotator

    Jquery Cycle2

    Hardware used by others

    Raspberry Pi

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