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    “Non-standard Service Request workflow”


    Typical workflow for non standard customer support requests.

    uml diagram

    This is created by the following PlantUML code

    {% codeblock PlantUML source %}

    title: Non-standard Service Request

    | Customer |
    Customer request; |#AntiqueWhite|Customer support | :Register customer request; :Analyze customer request; :Update Service Request; :Assign Service Request; | Sales | :Contact Development for estimate and planning; |#AntiqueWhite|Development | :Analyze Service Request; :Make estimate; :Check planning; | Sales | :Prepare quotation; | Administration | :Send quotation; :Monitor quotation due date; | Customer | if (Quotation acceptance by customer) then (Yes) :Update Service Request; :Back to Development; else (No) :Close Service Request; endif |#AntiqueWhite|Development | :Check planning; :Assign Service Request to Developer; :Review and Test product; if (Product OK) then (yes) :Back to Customer Support; else (No) :Fix Product; endif |#AntiqueWhite|Customer support | :Contact customer; :Deliver Product; | Customer | if (Product acceptance by customer) then (yes) :Back to Customer Support; :Update Service Request “Ready for invoicing”; :Back to Administration; else (No) :Back to Development; :Fix Product; :Back to Customer Support; endif | Administration | :Send invoice; :Close Request; stop right footer

    Author: PF Version: v0.2 Date: 6-10-2014


    {% endcodeblock %}

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