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    Skype problemĀ solved

    For some time I experienced problems with Skype.

    These problems only occurred on my iMac.

    Currently my iMac is running macOS Sierra.

    I use Skype on a daily basis to conduct standup calls with remote Scrum teams and to contact suppliers.

    I noticed that group audio/video calls were not working anymore. Only chats were working.

    After googling around and not finding any solution I got the impression it had something to do with my user account and some certificate.

    Today I noticed that my machine was slow and I started up Activity monitor. I noticed a background process that was running :


    Surprised as I was that this was running I killed the process and googled for background info on this process.

    I found that this process was part of OSX Server.

    I remembered that some releases ago I installed OSX server to have a look at it. I did not like it and I do not have a need for the features offered so I deinstalled it with some instructions I found somewhere.

    Probably this deinstall was not performed completely and some stuff was still active.

    I found this support page to deinstall opendirectoryserver


    It seems this corrected my Skype problems.

    Fingers crossed!

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