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    Diagrams with PlantUML

    For a long time I was searching for a tool to create diagrams. Of course in my Windows period I was using Visio, but I never was completely happy with this, because it was to complicated for my purpose and I used it sporadically so I was not very productive with it.

    After my switch to OSX, Omnigraffle seemed the tool to use, but this had the same disadvantages.

    Recently I came across a tool called PlantUML that can create diagrams based on text.

    When I found out that somebody had made a plugin for my current blogging environment Octopress it seems that I have won the jackpot.


    Example 1

    {% plantuml %}

    title Example 1 Alice -> Bob: Authentication Request Bob —> Alice: Authentication Response

    Alice -> Bob: Another authentication Request Alice <— Bob: another authentication Response

    Example 2 : Swim lanes

    {% plantuml %}

    title Example 2

    | swimlane1 | :first; :second; | swimlane2 | :third; if (foo) then :something; endif | swimlane1 | :back to swimlane1; | swimlane2 | :back to swimlane2;



    Jekyll-plantUML plugin

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