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    upgrade to Bugzilla 5.0

    I upgraded to Bugzilla 5.0.

    Since the Bugzilla project now supports git, upgrading is now a simple process.

    These are my installation notes.

    Updating to a Newer Release

    No local changes

    If you have no local changes to any tracked files, upgrading to both minor and major releases is simple:

    git fetch
    git checkout bugzilla-(version)

    where (version) is the version number that you want to update to, like 5.0rc3

    Upgrade to release 5.0

    git fetch
    git checkout release-5.0

    Local, uncommitted changes

    The above checkout command will fail if you’ve made any modifications to files you checked out from git with a warning about overwriting local changes. In this case, the simple solution is to stash and then reapply your changes (assuming you’ve done the “git fetch” already):

    git stash save
    git checkout bugzilla-(version)
    git stash apply

    However, it is better to create a local branch, which is one of git’s strengths. You can track your customizations and merge in changes from upstream.

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