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    A personal blog

    Static blog with Jekyll/Octopress

    After using several blogging tools over the years I am now heavily into using Markdown. My workflow is becoming more and more based on scripting environments and tools like Alfred. So I was looking for a good static blog generator, just like in the old days when I was using Blosxom. Looking for a way to use Markdown as the workhorse I decided to give Jekyll a try. Jekyll is a static blog site generator based on Ruby. I found some projects that use Jekyll and after a day of configuration the first setup is ready.

    I started with a basic Jekyll setup. When I was searching for some info I found a tool based on Jekyll, called Octopress I decided to give Octopress a try. This blog is now powered by Octopress. When I go along I will update this post with some new notes.

    [1] When I was installing Octopress I used a good tutorial I found Getting started with Octopress

    [2] Also Deploying Octopress to Github Pages gave some good tips.

    [3] Jekyll

    [4] Octopress

    [4] Setting up a blog and contribute to an existing one

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