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    c4 test


    !includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/C4-PlantUML/master/C4_Context.puml ‘ uncomment the following line and comment the first to use locally ‘ !include C4_Context.puml

    !includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/C4-PlantUML/master/C4_Container.puml !includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/RicardoNiepel/C4-PlantUML/master/C4_Component.puml


    title System Landscape diagram for Big Bank plc

    Person(customer, “Personal Banking Customer”, “A customer of the bank, with personal bank accounts.”)

    Enterprise_Boundary(c0, “Big Bank plc”) { System(banking_system, “Internet Banking System”, “Allows customers to view information about their bank accounts, and make payments.”)

    System_Ext(atm, "ATM", "Allows customers to withdraw cash.")
    System_Ext(mail_system, "E-mail system", "The internal Microsoft Exchange e-mail system.")
    System_Ext(mainframe, "Mainframe Banking System", "Stores all of the core banking information about customers, accounts, transactions, etc.")
    Person_Ext(customer_service, "Customer Service Staff", "Customer service staff within the bank.")
    Person_Ext(back_office, "Back Office Staff", "Administration and support staff within the bank.")


    Rel_Neighbor(customer, banking_system, “Uses”) Rel_R(customer, atm, “Withdraws cash using”) Rel_Back(customer, mail_system, “Sends e-mails to”)

    Rel_R(customer, customer_service, “Asks questions to”, “Telephone”)

    Rel_D(banking_system, mail_system, “Sends e-mail using”) Rel_R(atm, mainframe, “Uses”) Rel_R(banking_system, mainframe, “Uses”) Rel_D(customer_service, mainframe, “Uses”) Rel_U(back_office, mainframe, “Uses”)

    Lay_D(atm, banking_system)

    Lay_D(atm, customer) Lay_U(mail_system, customer)


    lees hier meer

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