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iTunes Sharing Troubleshooting


I did a little rewiring of all my cables connected to my TV, Apple TV , router etc.

While testing it I found out that my iTunes home sharing and Airplay was not working any more. My ATV did see my shared library but was not able to play the songs.

After consultation of a colleague and some troubleshooting I finally found the problem.


iTunes sharing uses the following ports:

  • 123
  • 3689
  • 554
  • 5353


A long time ago when I was doing some experiments with the PF firewall on OSX, I installed the Icefloor app.

Icefloor is a GUI frontend to the PF firewall. For more background on this app


I was thinking this Icefloor app was not running, but it was still active. It was blocking the essential ports 5353 and 3689.


I stopped the Icefloor app and home sharing is working again.


For one of my projects I needed to sort a csv file on a date field with dd/mm/yyyy format.

sort -n -t"/" -k3,3 -k2,2 -k1,1 planning.csv

Upgrade to Bugzilla 5.0

I upgraded to Bugzilla 5.0.

Since the Bugzilla project now supports git, upgrading is now a simple process.

These are my installation notes.

Updating to a Newer Release

No local changes

If you have no local changes to any tracked files, upgrading to both minor and major releases is simple:

git fetch
git checkout bugzilla-(version)

where (version) is the version number that you want to update to, like 5.0rc3

Upgrade to release 5.0

git fetch
git checkout release-5.0

<!— more —>

Local, uncommitted changes

The above checkout command will fail if you’ve made any modifications to files you checked out from git with a warning about overwriting local changes. In this case, the simple solution is to stash and then reapply your changes (assuming you’ve done the “git fetch” already):

git stash save
git checkout bugzilla-(version)
git stash apply

However, it is better to create a local branch, which is one of git’s strengths. You can track your customizations and merge in changes from upstream.

Convert Svg to Png With Inkscape (OSX)

Set alias to inkscape commandline

alias inkscape="/Applications/"

call inkscape to convert

 inkscape -z -f test_full.svg -j -e test_full.png


Install Cairosvg

sudo pip install pycairo
brew install py2cairo
sudo pip install cairosvg
sudo ./waf configure --prefix=/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7


  • find out where the svg/cairo libraries were installed
  • make sure that pkg-config finds these, if not, set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to the /lib directory of the location were the svg/cairo libraries are installed
  • re-run configure, which should now pick up the new libraries (if not, check config.log)
  • if the build still fails, try to do a make distclean (which requires a new configure afterwards)

Update Powerline for OSX

Firmware Update software for Fritz! Powerline is only officially for Windows.

But there is beta software that can do the update on OSX.

Jenkins Jobs Lost

On my local development machine I noticed that I missed all my jobs.

On my OSX machine all the job info was there in the .jenkins/jobs directory.

Adding the following to my script solved the problem.

export JENKINS_HOME=/Users/peter/.jenkins